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As you adjust to wearing dentures for the first time, your gums will shrink slightly. This is normal. You will require reline a few months after first wearing dentures to compensate for this normal change.

Maintaining a comfortable denture fit will eventually require that you receive a professional reline. Over time, your gums and bone structure will change - as subtle as it may feel, they will change the fit of your dentures. Advanced Denture Care Center helps you to adjust.

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New dentures need reline

Alongside our professional reline services, you'll also enjoy our fast, perfected denture repair! Aged, cracked, stained, or deteriorated dentures are an easy step away from being restored with Advanced Denture Care Center's in-house lab.

Professional denture repair

If your dentures frequently become dislodged, or if you notice redness, swelling, irritation, or food particles on your gums, it's likely time for a denture reline.

Signs that you need denture reline

Get Professional Denture Reline


Over time, changes occur in the mouth and as a result your dentures may become loose or ill-fitting. To ensure continued comfort, your dentures should be relined or refitted every other year. We provide free evaluations to help make the best choice.


Rebases are one way to make your dentures fit better. There are at least two kinds of rebases; hard base and soft base. It takes a lot of experience to make sure that rebases are processed successfully. Having the denture professionally relined will keep the denture secure and functional. Our board certified denturist is an expert in building dentures with the best possible fit.


Soft rebases are another solution, especially, for some patients are unable to wear ordinary dentures because of tender gums or sore spots. Only an experienced denturist can properly analyze when it is absolutely necessary to use a soft rebase, and what kind of soft rebase material should be used. Bottom line, all dentures should fit accurately and comfortably.