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Metal and Flexible Partials

If you ever had trouble wearing a partial denture, a flexible partial should be your choice. A flexible partial denture are a class of their own. They are so light precision comfortable and completely aesthetic, with no metal exposed to onlookers. Flexible partials are completely metal free “Non-Metallic” flexible partials are made with a totally flexible gum colored material, the benefits they offer are phenomenal. Flexible partials are specifically designed and engineered to be retained by the gum colored flexible clasp that snap around certain natural teeth. They are completely aesthetic in that they blend and harmonize so well with the natural remaining teeth that even the wearer will be amazed. They are not only natural looking by they are designed and built so light and comfortable that you will easily adapt to them.

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Flexible Partial

Metal Framework Partials are considered by some to be the “Cadillac” of partial dentures. Based on a light-weight, custom metal frame, Cast Clasps are used to hold the Partial in place. Cast Clasps are small, custom-designed wings which wrap around the remaining teeth in the arch. They are the strongest of this type of retention and are constructed as part of the metal framework. Cast metal partials are retained with precision clasps and rest which are laboratory fabricated that are part of the framework to mechanically hold the partial specifically to a natural abutment tooth; this can add a great amount of retention to a Partial. Due to the strength of the Cast Metal Framework, this style of Removable Partial Denture requires fewer repairs, and if design allows, additional teeth can be added if the need arises.

Metal Partial

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