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Acrylic and porcelain dentures still experience plaque build-up. Plaque can contribute to heart disease and requires a professional deep cleaning to be fully removed.

Even with at-home care products and consistent cleaning, your dentures will perform better, last longer, and maintain a brighter smile with professional, affordable cleaning at Advanced Denture Care Center. Professionally cleaned dentures make for a healthier, brighter smile!

Walk-in cleanings are available!

*Please note walk-in cleanings will take

longer than one (1) hour to complete.

Eliminate plaque build-up

We guarantee that with our professional denture cleaning, your teeth will appear one full shade whiter! Cleanings are fast and take less than 1 hour, so don't wait - call now to brighten your smile!

Get one shade whiter, guaranteed.

Although lab-created, your dentures are still porous, allowing bacteria to thrive. Even with overnight soaking and brushing, bacteria can still build up over time. Fight back by choosing either of our two convenient locations for an affordable, professional cleaning.

Your dentures may be harboring bacteria

Professional Denture Cleaning Services

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